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You see a pixelated representation of an urban

You see a pixelated representation of typed text.Blog

You see a pixelated diagram of a human head, indicating the position of the


For your eyes only

poster and website, 2013

Write me a shadow

workshop, ENSAD Valence (France), 2012

Constant Variable

Visual Identity for Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab, 2012

Radio Panik

Visual Identity for the Brussels based alternative radio station, 2012


Design installation in the gallery of the CBKU, 2011.

Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg, 2011

Video, 2011

Network for Choreography & Related Art

Visual identity and website, 2011

You don’t wanna be alive when you’re 25

theatre show, 2011

I is another

mixed media sketches, 2010

Fashionable meditations

Facebook application, 2010

Spectatorship and Selfconstruction as a methodology

Dance-performances with Bruno Listopad, 2009–2010

Open Baskerville

Open source type design, 2008

Pour en finir avec la coquetterie

series in mixed media, 2008
‘Que je sois vachement bath et beau gosse, et que je fréquente de belles gens bath, ce n'est pas ce dont il s'agit ici’
performance / photographs

Country of Origin I

computergame, 2007

Eric explains reality to the people of Eindhoven

performance, 2007

Ben even weg

performance, 2006

Werktitel: tekst

text, 2006

dat wilde wout sonder genade

mixed media installation, 2006

Tekst & uitleg

mixed media installation, 2006