dat wilde wout sonder genade that wild forest without mercy

mixed media installation, 2006
‘We’ve only been longing for the unspoilt for two and a half centuries or so—ever since it stopped existing.
If by stepping out of the door you have the chance of a wolf eating you, your relation with the unspoilt is that you want to chop it down.’
‘We verlangen pas zo’n tweehonderdvijftig jaar naar het ongerepte—sinds het er niet meer is. Want op het moment dat daadwerkelijk de kans bestaat dat je buiten de deur door een wolf doodgebeten wordt, dan kap je het bos met liefde.’

Commissioned by Kunstgebouw and Crossing Border, this installation explores the medieval metaphor of the wood: not the 19th century image of unspoiled paradise but the late-medieval image of a dark and bloody heathen chaos, which deserves to be chopped down. See Eric explaining the subject matter of this work to teenagers here.

The sound-composition is based on the text of a 14th century History of Holland, the ‘Goutsche Chronykje’ (Little Chronicle from Gouda).

photography with
johan nieuwenhuize
construction with
odin heyligen
theory with
dr. l.e.i.m. jongen
minke kruyver


installation: wooden sounding board, c-print (100x135cm), sound-recording (6:30)


View with translation.

sound recording (6:30) voice: minke kruyver


wooden sounding board


c-print, 100x135cm, photography with johan nieuwenhuize