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The 19th century town house at Rue Gallait 80 is now known as Constant Variable. For three years, it will house an arts lab for free, libre and open source software. Next to the Open Source Publishing studio, there is an open video workshop and an open hardware workshop. The top floor houses a residency.

OSP has created a modular visual identity for Constant Variable. Using stickers with the VARIABLE logo and seperate keyword stickers representing Free, Libre, Open Source, Software and arts.



The launch of Variable has coincided with the release of the OSP Font Crickx, used in the identity—based upon the letters from a Schaerbeek sign maker’s shop.

The signage has been created using actual Crickx stock from Publi Fluor, the stock upon which the digital font has been based.

More signage in the pictures of the opening.

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Constant Variable

Visual Identity for Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab, 2012