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Eric Schrijver is a Dutch interaction designer, artist and author, born in Amsterdam in 1984.

He now lives in Brussels, and works for the Belgian IT company ACSONE, designing and developing interfaces for clients in the public and private sector.

Eric directs a group blog called I like tight pants and mathematics, that aims to motivate designers and artists to get more involved in the world of computer programmers.

Next to that, beneficiary of a grant from the Cultural Industries Fund NL, Eric recently published his first book: “Copy This Book”, an artist’s guide to copyright.

From 2011 to 2017 he was a core member of the graphic design collective Open Source Publishing. Eric has taught workshops at art schools around the world. He has been a teacher at the Masters Graphic Design at the École de Recherche Graphique (ERG), and as well as a faculty member at KABK (The Hague), where he taught coding and interaction design.


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The website has been designed by Eric Schrijver, who is also the author of the works shown on the website. Of course many of these works are made in collaboration, please consult the credits for a specific work to find out the details!

The documentation represented on this website has been partly funded by Stroom, The Hague.

Many of the pictures have been taken. by Johan Nieuwenhuize.

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