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Discussion with Julien Cabay (ULB, Université de Liège). We talk about the challenges copyright poses for creative freedom, and the ways in which artists and designers can shape copyright: not just by contributing to the debates, but also by publishing works that clarify or stretch the boundaries of what is legal.

The event accompanies the exhibition ‘In No Particular Order’, curated by Agata Jaworska for the Cultural Industries Fund NL, featuring the installation ‘Legal Advice for Artists’. We discuss the postcards presented as part of this installation, which chart the limits of copyright in different ways, and we share a sample chapter of the upcoming eponymous publication.

The presentation is followed by a Brussels designer themed drink (co-organised with Gijs de Heij and Loraine Furter), where the public is be able to meet thinkers and makers from the Belgian capital and taste five different types of beers, provided in partnership with the Brussels Beer Project.

Photos: Tim Meijer.

Dutch Design Week

Legal Advice For Artists Event


October 29, 2016