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The kingdom of Belgium (‘le royaume’) offers a social security system ill-suited to cultural workers. This is a short guide to navigate the different models (self-employed, employee, interim) as they relate to unemployment, healthcare, parental leave and pensions.

Commissioned in 2022 by the école de recherche graphique, this publication was printed by its designer _77.82 and distributed to last-year students. Today, as regulations continue to evolve, we share the ↓pdf↓ and also the ↓docx↓ source files (under Creative Commons license) to allow other Belgian initiatives to make their own versions.

If you make any improvements, don’t hesitate to let me know! And keep an eye out for Copiez ce livre ;)

Dans tout le royaume

Le statut social des travailleur·euse·s culturel·le·s en Belgique


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