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You see a pixelated representation of an urban

You see a pixelated representation of typed text.Texts

You see a pixelated diagram of a human head, indicating the position of the

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Legal Advice for Artists an irreverent guide to copyright
You don’t wanna be alive when you’re 25 theatre show
I is another mixed media series in progress
Fashionable meditations
Facebook application, 2010
Spectatorship and Selfconstruction as a methodology
Dance-performances with Bruno Listopad, 2009–2010
Pour en finir avec la coquetterie
series in mixed media, 2008

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⊃ Design

Design the Public Domain 2016
Collaborative Open Source Type Design 2015
Up Pen Down 2013
For your eyes only 2013
Workshop: Morphologic @ Merz Akademie, Stuttgart 2012

⊃ Blog

The Underwater Screen Or Lessons From Wordperfect
June 10, 2014
Hacker Culture and the Fear of WYSIWYG
November 13, 2014
Graphic Design Is A Nostalgic Field
May 11, 2014
Who gets to write the web: the power struggles around the standards
October 21, 2014
ufo2otf Makes OTF’s, Webfonts and CSS From UFO’s
November 17, 2013
No-one Starts From Scratch: Type Design and the Logic of the Fork
October 10, 2013
I Need My Generic Font Medicine
October 09, 2013
48 Hours of Writing Stylesheets with Etherpad and a Gong
November 10, 2013
Release Early Release Often Version Numbers For Typefaces
November 11, 2013
The Story of Nokia, Microsoft and a 1000 Hearts Breaking
September 04, 2013
It Might Be a Unix Sin But I Would Like You to Add .txt As the Extension of Your README file
April 30, 2013
Etherpad Or The Textarea Is A Lonely Place
April 27, 2013