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You see a pixelated representation of an urban

You see a pixelated representation of typed text.Texts

You see a pixelated diagram of a human head, indicating the position of the

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Legal Advice for Artists an irreverent guide to copyright, 2016-onwards
You don’t wanna be alive when you’re 25 theatre show, 2011
I is another mixed media sketches, 2010
Fashionable meditations
Facebook application, 2010
Spectatorship and Selfconstruction as a methodology
Dance-performances with Bruno Listopad, 2009–2010
Pour en finir avec la coquetterie
series in mixed media, 2008

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⊃ Design

Design the Public Domain 2016
Collaborative Open Source Type Design 2015
Up Pen Down 2013
For your eyes only 2013

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Finding Red Letterboxes In Belgium May 06, 2017
The Underwater Screen Or Lessons From Wordperfect June 10, 2014
Hacker Culture and the Fear of WYSIWYG November 13, 2014
Who gets to write the web: the power struggles around the standards October 21, 2014