ADA, Rotterdam


January 3rd 2010

photo: Maja Bekan

Poetrying was a collaboration between Belgrade artist duo SKART and Maja Bekan, appropriating SKARTS’s monthly poetry reading, the word ‘poetry’ being loosely interpreted.
Poetrying was presented as part of Maja’s P for performance series for ADA Rotterdam, at ADA’s Wintergarden exhibition.

This is what I read:

1. Introduction, or everything

You see a screenshot from a Launchpad f.a.q. answer which reads: What can you say about everything? You keep revisiting the same words over and over. There are not so many words; there are much more things. And since time and causality keep things in a constant state of flux, the same words are always different, as they refer to different things. Once you add in the dimension of time, the motion is not circular, it is spiralling. Like an equation without a solution; like a function that never finishes. Words give the comforting sensation of stability, they give a semblance of permanence but like the Greek guy said you never step into the same river twice.

2. The Body

how do we learn things
we can not learn things real we
stumble into truths

is a wise truth truth
it is a sensual truth
lucid dream a wake

what is the body
itself is shaping and thing
or things to things thing

3. The concept of love

    ,       ,
        : :
the concept of love
    saying this is true
coincides with the other
    meaning this is within our reach
the concept of truth
    the reach of our arms

        : :
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