winterNest, un Salon du DCR

februari 3 2009

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You see a close up of a gallery wall. The depth of field is shallow. There's a small pink iPod in the foreground, and a photographic black and white print in the background which is mounted on a thick plate-like material. Neither of these is in focus however; the plane of focus lies exactly on the edge of the photographic print.
expositie | exhibition:
17 Jan-13 Feb
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b,
2518RA den haag / the hague
op vrijdag & op afspraak / on Friday & on appointment
You see a flyer with information regarding an exhibition. The background consists of full colour representations of polaroid pictures of sinks--this has been overprinted in a pink spot colour, the counterform becoming the text. The text has been set in Bodoni, mainly all caps, both regular and italic. The word DCR is underlined.